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I Am Getting A Divorce in Orlando, Florida; What Can I Expect?

First, in order to file for divorce in Orlando, Florida, you have to pay the clerk of court a $408.00 filing fee. You will also have to pay the clerk $10.00 fee for summons. Then you will have to pay to have the sheriff, or a process server serve the summons and petition for dissolution of marriage paperwork on your spouse.

Your spouse then has 20 days to answer the petition in writing. He/she must file his/her written answer with the clerk of the court and provide you with a copy of what he/she filed with the court. If your spouse files a counter-petition, he or she will have to pay the clerk a filing fee of $295.00 to do that. He or she must file the written counter-petition along the written answer with the clerk of the court and provide a copy to you. You then have 20 days to answer the counter-petition in writing. You must file the written answer with the clerk of the court and provide your spouse with the copy of your answer.

You both will need to complete mandatory disclosure within 45 days from when your spouse was served the dissolution paperwork.

If you have children, you each will need to take a parenting course; and file your certificate of competition of the parenting course with the clerk. In Orange, Lake and Volusia Counties, you may take an online parenting course. In Seminole County you are required to take a classroom parenting course. You will also need to file a parenting plan in your case.

You make enter into a marital settlement agreement and then set your case for final hearing.

Or, you may go to mediation. You may settle your case at mediation. Then you you can set your case for final hearing. If you do not settle the case at mediation, then you will proceed to trial.

At trial you may testify, call witnesses and enter evidence into the record. The judge then rules on the facts presented and makes a ruling as to your case. A final judgment is then entered.

For more information on Dissolution of Marriage/Divorce, you can read Florida Statute 61.075 which is the Equitable Distribution Statute in Florida; and read F. S. 61.08 on Alimony; F. S. 61.13 on Child Custody and Child Support; and F. S. 61.13 on Attorney’s Fess

This article is for information only; and does not form an attorney client privilege. If you have more questions regarding Orlando divorce,  you may call Ann Marie Gilden, Esquire of Ann Marie Giordano Gilden, and P. A. at (407) 732-7620 to set an initial consultation.


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