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Holiday Schedules in Your Orla...


Holiday Schedules in Your Orlando, Florida Divorce, or Custody Case

The holidays are fast approaching. Make sure that you have your holiday time-sharing schedule well organized and planned out in advance. That way you will avoid last minute scrambling and bickering. Your holidays will be less stressful if you have confirmed the time sharing with the other parent in advance of when it is to begin. You can do this months or weeks before the time sharing will occur.

Do you have your holiday time sharing all spelled out and set as to when and who your child or children are time sharing with at Thanksgiving? Do you have your holiday schedule in place and confirmed for Christmas? And for New Year’s Eve?

If not, you need to work on that immediately. You can prepare a joint stipulation on holiday time sharing, or have your attorney prepare a joint stipulation regarding time-sharing issues for the holidays. That way, you can arrange it so that both parents will have access and time-sharing with the child or children on Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

You may want to split Thanksgiving Day. Or, you may want to agree that the other parent has time sharing with the child on that date. 

For the Christmas Holiday, you may want to split the holiday in half. This way, one parent has the child from the time school lets out until noon on Christmas Day.  The other parent timeshares with the child or children from noon on Christmas Day until the end of the school break. You may want to make special arrangements for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, or you may not want to make special arrangements for those days. 

You should have this all worked out now. If you do not, it is unlikely that you will be able to schedule and receive a hearing on holiday time-sharing issues prior to the holidays. In Orange and Seminole Counties, it can take approximately three (3) months to obtain hearing time before a judge.  It may take less time to obtain hearing time before the magistrate. However, both parties must agree to go before the magistrate.  That is why it is extremely important that you plan the scheduling of holiday time sharing in advance. 

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