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New Amendments to the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure

Check out the Amendments to the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure that become effective¬†January 1, 2018. Wondering how this could affect you? Contact Ann Marie Gilden at¬†(407) 732-7620.  ...

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An Amicable Divorce in Orlando, Florida

What is an amicable divorce in Orlando, Florida? Why would you want an amicable dissolution of marriage? You would want an amicable dissolution of marriage in the Orlando, Florida area because you will spend less money and time than you would spend o...

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What Do I Need to Get an Injunction Against Stalking Violence in the Orlando, Florida Area?

In order for the court to enter an injunction against stalking violence, there must be more than one act. A continuous course of conduct, establishing only one instance of harassment will not suffice. Section 784.048 Florida Statutes, establishes a c...

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What is Counted as Income in Your Divorce?

Does your spouse’s bonus count as income in your Orlando, Florida divorce? What else counts as Income in your Orlando, Florida divorce? What is included in income in your Orlando, Florida divorce? Your spouse’s most recent bonus counts as...

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When Is Sole Custody Appropriate in a Custody Case or Divorce

Florida Statute 61.13 is the Florida Statute that deals with custody. Currently, the appropriate terms under Florida law regarding custody are time sharing, parenting, and parenting plan. Florida Statute 61.13 states that the court shall order that p...

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What Experts Can Help Me with My Custody Case, or Divorce?

Are you in the middle of an Orlando, Florida custody case, or custody issue in an Orlando, Florida divorce case? Are you concerned that the other parent has issues that the court should address? What can you do? You can motion the court to retain an ...

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