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An Amicable Divorce in Orlando, Florida

What is an amicable divorce in Orlando, Florida? Why would you want an amicable dissolution of marriage? You would want an amicable dissolution of marriage in the Orlando, Florida area because you will spend less money and time than ...

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When Is Sole Custody Appropriate in a Custody Case or Divorce

Florida Statute 61.13 is the Florida Statute that deals with custody. Currently, the appropriate terms under Florida law regarding custody are time sharing, parenting, and parenting plan. Florida Statute 61.13 states that the court shall o...

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Do Not Orally Record Your Spouse During Your Divorce

Do Not Orally Record Your Spouse During Your Divorce. This applies to Orlando, Florida paternity actions, and Orlando, Florida custody actions too. You may think you are clever, by orally recording your spouse during an Orlando Divorce. You may think y...

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Prevent Your Spouse From Dissipating Assets During Your Divorce

What can you do to prevent your spouse from dissipating your assets in an Orlando, Florida Divorce? Are you concerned your spouse is dissipating your assets? Has your spouse moved assets from your accounts to someone else's account? Has your spouse spe...

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