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Family Law


Holiday Schedules in Your Orlando, Florida Divorce, or Custody Case

The holidays are fast approaching. Make sure that you have your holiday time-sharing schedule well organized and planned out in advance. That way you will avoid last minute scrambling and bickering. Your holidays will be less stressful if you have confirmed the time s...

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New Amendments to the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure

Check out the Amendments to the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure that become effective January 1, 2018. Wondering how this could affect you? Con...

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What Experts Can Help Me with My Custody Case, or Divorce?

Are you in the middle of an Orlando, Florida custody case, or custody issue in an Orlando, Florida divorce case? Are you concerned that the other parent has issues that the court should address? What can you do? You can motion the court t...

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What are the Rights of a Legal Father and Biological Father in an Orlando, Florida Paternity Case?

Under Florida law if a child is born to an intact marriage, the man the child's mother is married to is the Legal Father. The Legal Father is the man married to the Child's Mother at the time the Child is born. He is the one with all the rights as the Father. A putative father does not have standing...

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How Can Social Media Affect Your Orlando, Florida Divorce Case?

How can social media postings affect your Orlando, Florida divorce case? Anything you post on social media can be used against you in court. Anything you post on social media may be subpoenaed by your spouse's attorney. Why is this important? For example, ...

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