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Preparing Yourself Financially for an Orlando, Florida Divorce

Going through a divorce is a major life changing event. It can bring you emotional and financial stress. This may be a very difficult time in your life. A financial adviser may help reduce the financial burden that you are enduring. The financial adviser c...

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How Can Social Media Affect Your Orlando, Florida Divorce Case?

How can social media postings affect your Orlando, Florida divorce case? Anything you post on social media can be used against you in court. Anything you post on social media may be subpoenaed by your spouse's attorney. Why is this important? For example,...

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What Role Does The CPA and Financial Planner Play In Your Divorce in Orlando, Florida?

A CPA and Financial Planner may be very important components in your Orlando, Florida divorce. Why is that? A CPA can give your very valuable knowledge regarding the tax ramifications of your Orlando divorce. The CPA can explain the tax ramifications regarding the assets you receive in equitable dis...

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How Does the Court’s Administrative Order Affect Your Family Law Case in Orlando, Florida?

Orange and Seminole Counties have Administrative Orders that dictate your behavior once a family law case has been filed. Did you know that? How does the administrative order affect your case? The Administrative Order specifies what your behavior and actions should be during your family law case. It...

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Orlando Divorce And Dissipation Of Assets

Are you getting an Orlando divorce? Has your spouse dissipated the assets? What is dissipation of assets? Was the dissipation of assets intentional? What can you do? Dissipation of assets is when one spouse intentionall...

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A Senior Divorce In Orlando, Florida Area

Are you facing a dissolution of marriage in the Orlando, Florida area?  Are you a senior citizen? It is much more common nowadays that people in their seventies are divorcing. At that age, it is very common to have had a l...

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Can You Be Thrown in Jail if You Do Not Pay Child Support?

If you do not pay Orlando child support, the other parent of the child may file a motion for contempt of court against you. In evaluating whether you should be held in contempt for not paying child support, the ju...

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Why Do I Need to Establish A Guardianship in Orlando, Florida?

An Orlando guardianship is necessary, if you face the following:

  1. Your spouse, relative, close friend, or neighbor is incompetent.
  2. You have a child that is receiving a settlement, or monies fro...

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Do You Have Life Insurance to Protect Your Alimony in an Orlando, Florida Divorce?

If you are getting an Orlando divorce and are requesting alimony, make sure you have your spouse obtain a life insurance policy to cover the alimony. In order for the judge to order your spouse to obtain life insurance ...

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I Am Getting A Divorce in Orlando, Florida; What Can I Expect?

First, in order to file for divorce in Orlando, Florida, you have to pay the clerk of court a $408.00 filing fee. You will also have to pay the clerk $10.00 fee for summons. Then you will have to pay to have the sheriff, o...

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